Tumor Pancreatic

What is Tumor Pancreatic?

The abnormal cells continue dividing and form lumps or masses of tissue called tumor. Tumor then interferes with the main function of pancreas. If a tumor stays in one spot and demonstrates limited growth, it is generally considered to be benign. It is become dangerous when malignant tumors form when the cancer cells migrate to other parts of the body through the blood or lymph system. After that, when a tumor successfully spreads to other parts of the body and grows, invading and destroying other healthy tissue.

What is pancreatic tumor symptom?

The most common types of cancer of the pancreas are exocrine tumor. The symptom can be quite vague. They vary depending on where the cancer is in pancreas in the head, body or tail. Common symptoms include:

    • Jaundice

Most of the patients of pancreatic tumor have jaundice. Jaundice is yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes. The urine is darker than normal and bowel motions may be lighter in color. Jaundice is more common with tumor of the head of the pancreas because the tumor blocks the bile duct.

    • Weight Loss

People diagnosed with pancreatic cancer may recently lose a lot of weight for no apparent reason. Then, there is too much sugar in blood. The sugar is passed out of the body in the urine and takes a great deal of water with it.

People diagnosed with pancreatic cancer may recently lose a lot of weight for no apparent reason. Then, there is too much sugar in blood. The sugar is passed out of the body in the urine and takes a great deal of water with it.

    • Diabetes

Some of the people diagnosed with tumor of the pancreas are found to be newly diabetic. If people have diabetes are not producing enough insulin.

    • Sickness

The people with pancreas tumor may feel or be sick because have jaundice or an inflamed pancreas. Both these conditions upset the delicate chemical balanced of the body. Due to sickness the people may have as a loss of appetite which can result in weight loss.

    • Bowel Changes

If pancreatic duct is blocked, the people may pass frequent, large bowel motions that are pale colored and smelly, and are difficult to flush away. These bowel disturbances occur because not absorbing food properly.

    • Fever and shivering

The people with pancreatic tumor have a temperature from time to time because have jaundice or an inflamed pancreas. When temperature is high the people will feel cold and shivery.

  • Indigestion

    Indigestion will cause heartburn, bloating and sickness.

  • Blood Clots

    Blood clot may form in the deep veins in the legs for example, or in smaller veins anywhere on the body. Sometimes the cloth will disappear and then develop somewhere else in the body.

What is risk factor of the pancreatic tumor?

Risk factor is anything that increases the risk of getting a disease. Different tumor has different risk factor. There are several risk factor of pancreatic tumor:

    • Smoking and smokeless tobacco

Cigarettes, cigars, pipes and chewing tobacco all increase pancreatic tumor risk.

    • Long term inflammation of the pancreas

Chronic pancreatic is a long term inflammation of the pancreas .Chronic pancreatitis is most often caused by long term drinking of alcohol.

    • Stomach ulcer

The bacteria that form in the stomach is called as stomach ulcer. They can produce tumor causing chemicals known as nitrosamines. Other than that, people who have an operation for stomach ulcer have a double the risk of pancreatic tumor.

    • Alcohol

It is increase the risk of pancreatic tumor to those people due to long term heavy drinking.

    • Previous cancer

People who have had certain types of tumor are at a higher risk of developing pancreatic tumor.


What is Pancreatic Tumor Treatment?

Pancreatic tumor is a rare disease in Asia. However, if it is untreated it can cause death. Alternative treatments that can be highlighted is traditional acupuncture treatment. For anyone who ever made this treatment felt it did not hurt but give good news. Acupuncture is a type of medicine that uses the technique of fine needle puncture at specific points of the body known as the ‘Acupuncture Point’. This treatment is not just a needle but using the herb as a referee. Herbs are used as types of pain suffered by the patient. For cancer or tumor is commonly used herbs snake grass. By improving blood flow and is supported by the use of natural herbal nature will easily cured disease. There are many herbal and acupuncture treatment centers nationwide and among them is The Tole Acupunture. The Tole Acupuncture is located in Kuala Lumpur and Puchong, Malaysia.


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